When is the best time to go to The Maldives or The Seychelles

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I’ve long thought that travelers planning a vacation don’t give enough thought to when they should visit a destination. And the luxury travel companies that travelers turn to for advice on when to go aren’t much help.

The other day I came across an article in a reputable, high-end travel magazine that advised its readers that they should visit The Seychelles “all year round”. Don’t. The Seychelles are not a year-round destination.

The Seychelles – and their cousins The Maldives – are both subject to the Indian Ocean monsoon which during certain times of the year brings frequent and heavy rains to the islands. These rains not only make it impossible to enjoy the beach, and activities like scuba diving, but in The Seychelles they ground the charter helicopters that visitors use to fly between the international airport on Mahé, and the resorts on North Island, Frigate Island, and other outer islands. You can be stuck at the airport unable to reach your resort, or stuck at your resort unable to get to the airport for your flight home.

The best time to visit The Seychelles is from March to September – spring and summer in the northern hemisphere. The average monthly rainfall in June is 2.5 inches. In December, it’s 13 inches – and it rains one day out of every three.

The monsoon rains visit The Maldives at the opposite time of year. The dry months in The Maldives are from November to April – winter in the northern hemisphere. The Maldives are a great New Year’s destination. The Seychelles aren’t.

If you want to visit both countries during the same trip, go in April.

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