How to get to Amangiri Resort

Getting There: How to Travel to Amangiri Resort

Amangiri is located in the southwest region of the United States, also known as the Four Corners, where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. Surrounded by deep canyons and towering plateaus, the resort is approximately 25 minutes from Page Municipal Airport (PGA), which is the closest airport serving direct private jet flights.

For prospective guests, there are generally four main methods of traveling to the resort: by commercial airline, by private jet, by car, and by helicopter (or a combination of any two methods). These methods cater to a variety of budgets, with commercial aviation and car being on one end of the spectrum, and private jet and helicopter being on the other. Combing multiple methods can help save on travel costs, without compromising comfort and safety. Here are some examples:

Fly commercially and then Charter a Private Jet to Amangiri:

A significant portion of guests choose this route, as it offers a great deal of flexibility and convenience. A prospective guest who lives on the east coast can fly commercially on their preferred airline into the recommended commercial hub: Las Vegas. From there, they can charter a private plane to Page Municipal Airport in Page, Arizona. That flight is only about 45-60 minutes (depending on the aircraft category or model selected). RYL Jets coordinates complimentary ground transportation to and from Page Municipal Airport with Amangiri, so that a driver is in position when the aircraft lands.

Fly commercially into a local hub, and then Drive:

This option is great for those traveling on a budget, or those who would like to photograph the dramatic landscape as they travel to and from Amangiri. Most guests who utilize this option fly into Las Vegas and then drive to Amangiri. Please note that the drive is about 4-4.5 hours, so make sure you rent a car with very reliable air conditioning, especially during the summer.

Fly commercially into a local hub, and then charter a Helicopter to Amangiri:

A prospective guest will generally fly commercially into Las Vegas, and then rent a helicopter to take them directly to Amangiri. As Amangiri has its own helicopter landing pad, guests can completely bypass the use of Page Municipal Airport, as well as the drive from Page Airport to the resort. This option also allows for a very scenic view of the southwest. Please note that helicopters have very limited luggage capacity, so guests may need to transport their luggage separately at an additional cost. Additionally, the cost of chartering a helicopter far exceeds the cost of an executive turboprop or private jet.

Charter a Private Jet to Page Airport, then drive to Amangiri:

This option is also very popular for those that are accustomed to flying privately. An aircraft can pick up a guest from any destination in the world, and transport them directly to Page Municipal Airport. An Amangiri driver will be waiting for the guests when they land and will then escort them directly to the property, which is only 25 minutes away.

Charter a Private Jet to Las Vegas, and then Charter a Helicopter to Amangiri:

This option is usually reserved for those that want the ultimate experience, and don’t mind paying for it. A guest can essentially charter a private jet from any starting at location in the world, and will then land at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV. From there, a helicopter will be waiting for them to take them on a 2 hour scenic flight before landing directly at Amangiri.

Your personal preference and budget will help determine which option is right for you. As Amangiri’s private aviation partner, a Charter Specialist from RYL Jets can review all these options with you and also provide sample pricing. To learn more, please email:, or call us directly at 877-391-6161.

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