The Best Luxury Cruise Ship Suites

This addition to RYL’s blog was contributed by a guest author, True Latitudes. True Latitudes provides a complete luxury travel service to affluent couples and families who seek the very best experiences when they travel. True Latitudes was founded by very experienced ultra luxury travelers to provide a peer-to-peer service for discerning travelers unlike the service offered by any luxury travel agency or luxury concierge service.

First, some caveats.

You can’t select the best cruise ship suite without taking into account the ship that the suite is on. There are now large suites on some of the mega ships that have been launched recently. But being in a nice suite on a ship that’s carrying 3,000 other passengers does not ameliorate your biggest problem – you’re still on a ship with 3,000 other people – all of whom will want to go to the restaurants when you do, and will want to get on and off the ship when you do.

For our purposes here, only the suites on true luxury cruise ships with reasonable numbers of passengers – Crystal, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, and Silversea ships – merit consideration.

While the ship should be small, your suite should be large. As is the case with many elements of travel, space is the ultimate luxury. You want to feel that you have more room than you need to enjoy the experience of sailing in a suite. For this reason, we have to impose minimum size limits on the best suite. The suite needs to have at least 100 square meters or 1,076 square feet of interior space – excluding any balcony or terrace.

The third issue is whether a suite must have a view to the front of the ship, or whether a suite along the side of the ship – with a view only to that side – can still quality as the best suite. There’s a reason that people flock to the forward-facing observation lounges on ships: They want to see where the ship is going. If you’re sailing out of Stockholm through the archipelago, or sailing into Venice between the islands, you’re going to love having a forward view from your suite.

The largest suites on the luxury cruise ships are the two side-facing Owner’s Suites (Suite 844-846 and Suite 845-847) on the Silversea Spirit – a new generation ship. The runners-up among the side-facing suites are the two Master Suites (Suite 1100-1102 and Suite 1101-1103) on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager.

Among the suites that face forward, the Grand Signature Suites (Suite 700-702 and Suite 701-703) on the three Seabourn new-generation ships – the Odyssey, Sojourn, and Quest – are the best because the front-facing windows are in the suite living room (not the bedroom) and the suites have very large, private terraces on which to relax and from which to enjoy the view.

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