RYL's Jet Card Membership

Private Jet Card Membership

Affluent travelers today have a myriad of options available to them when it comes to flying privately. The simplest way to narrow down your options is by making a decision based on your typical flight pattern and the total number of hours you fly in a given year. That number will fall within the following categories and corresponding flight options:

1 – 25 hours: On-Demand Private Jet Charter

25 – 400 hours: Jet Card Membership/Fractional Shares

400+: Outright Aircraft Ownership

For Jet Card Membership, this category is then broken down into denomination and hour based Jet Cards. Within the denomination (or debit model) Jet Cards, prepaid amounts are applied to any aircraft category or model, and funds are deducted per-flight based on aircraft category, jet availability, and routing. Members are guaranteed access within a call-out period of 4-12 hours for domestic flights, and have the flexibility to charter any aircraft model in the world.

Hour Jet Cards, also called Fractional Jet Cards, are typically structured as a sublease of a fractional jet share. They are sold as prepaid hours of occupied flight time ranging from 25-35 hours (in 5 hour increments). Even though these Jet Cards grant their members access to various types of aircraft, there are often restrictions as to what days you can actually utilize those hours (i.e. peak travel days).

In today’s economic climate, many companies offer enticing incentives in order to buy your business. It is important that you do your own due diligence to ensure that the company earns your business by providing uncompromised value, comfort and safety.


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