Dubai Luxury Guide for Private Jet Travelers

The city of Dubai is a blend of two different mentalities. On one side there is The Traditional, which is personified by Saudi princes and defined by ornate palaces and ancient mosques. On the other side is The Modern, which is known for ambitious building projects and city planning. In the middle of these two seemingly competing views is 21st century Dubai, a city that has become synonymous with the luxury lifestyle. The pristine beaches, secluded resorts, and a diverse set of local attractions make Dubai the ideal destination for those who fly privately. Here are just a few of the resorts, restaurants, bars, and other attractions that are worth visiting during your next private jet voyage to Dubai.

Luxury Hotels in Dubai:

Burj Al Arab: Jumeirah Beach is a favorite for Western travelers and the Burj Al Arab is the district’s centerpiece. The Burj Al Arab, also known as the “Arab Sail,” is located on one of Dubai’s famous man-made islands and is one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. More than just a hotel, the Burj Al Arab has come to represent modern Dubai’s wealth and luxury. This resort appeals to all travelers; Honeymooners will enjoy the private yacht charters of the Arabic Sea, and young families can try out the waterslides at Wild Wadi, one of the world’s most extravagant water parks. The duplex suites available at this resort offer views of the Arabic Sea, with interior design inspired by ancient Middle Eastern palaces. Guests staying in The Royal Suite have access to their own private cinema, library, and elevator.

Located on the 18th floor is the Assawan Spa, Burj Al Arab’s world-class spa facility. In addition to private spas, saunas, and a state of the art fitness center, the facility also offers a number of customized spa treatments, including a fingerprint facial and a caviar body treatment. The massage therapists at the Assawan separate this facility from other spas in Dubai. The “Around the World” massage combines Shiatsu, Thai, Swedish, and Balinese massage techniques to create a rejuvenating, full-body experience that can only be found at the Assawan.

The Palm Dubai:  Like its Caribbean cousin, the facility at Atlantis’ The Palm Dubai draws inspiration from the mythology of the region. The Palm’s sprawling complex has over 1,500 rooms located in the resort’s two towers, along with restaurants, bistros and cafes, bars and lounges scattered across the man-made island. Suites at The Palm boast views of the Arabic Sea and the Marine life swimming just below the surface. Each room at The Palm is also equipped with high-speed internet and an area for entertaining.

Marine life is the focal point of The Palm, and the underwater excursions organized by the resort’s dive center are sure to be a highlight for all guests. Guests are free to explore the man-made reefs, shipwrecks, and marine habitats with a guide or go out on their own.  If you aren’t certified, don’t fret. The Palm provides diver certification classes and hands-on training for its guests. For lodgers who want to experience the mysteries of the deep and stay dry at the same time, there is The Lost Chamber. The aquarium in The Lost Chamber puts the underwater mysteries of the Arabic Gulf on display in a way that no other resort has done before. Its unique design is inspired and built around ancient chambers and passageways discovered in the Arabic Gulf during the resort’s construction, and is sure to stir the imagination of all guests.

Luxury Restaurants in Dubai:

Ossiano: This award-winning, ocean-inspired restaurant, helmed by three-star chef, Santi Santamaria, takes diners to below the surface for an up-close view of some of Dubai’s more unique underwater creatures. Ossiano’s Catalan and Mediterranean inspired dishes have earned high praise from Time Out Dubai, which called Santamaria’s culinary creations “works of art” and said, “the flavours grew stronger with each new sequence.”  The specialty here is crab in orange sauce.

The Exchange Grill: For a fine cut of meat, there’s no better place in Dubai than The Exchange Grill. The minimalist décor and efficient staff lets diners know that food, above all else, is The Exchange Grill’s primary concern. So it should come as no surprise that this restaurant was named Dubai’s Best Steakhouse by Time Out Dubai. But more than just aged Angus Beef, The Exchange Grill serves fresh seafood and has a premium wine list, and the private dining rooms, located away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant on the second floor, are ideal for business lunches.

Sarai: Among the restaurants in Dubai’s tourism district, there are only a handful of restaurants that are steadfast in their devotion to Syrian delicacies. Sarai is one of these restaurants. From the understated interior to the menu, Sarai preaches simplicity. The unpretentious, straight-ahead Middle Eastern dishes served here aren’t unlike those found in the traditional Syrian home. For those new to Middle Eastern food, sample Sarai’s diverse selection of Kebab, including the house specialty, Bel Karaz.

Luxury Bars in Dubai:

Barasti: During the day, Barasti is crawling with European and American expats sunning themselves on the beach and cooling off in private bungalows. It isn’t until the sun goes down thatthis beach club becomes the hottest nightspot in the city. Whether you’re interested in live music, a trendy DJ, or an intimate cocktail longue, Barasti’s three-story facility is sure to impress. And the stage at Barasti has hosted just about everyone, from local bands to Fatboy Slim. Cocktail aficionados must try Barasti’s handmade mojitos.

Boudoir: Understated isn’t in Boudoir’s vocabulary. The crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and oil paintings on the wall make the place feel more like a palace than a saloon, and its glitzy reputation has made it popular spot with visiting celebrities. In addition to top-shelf drinks, Boudoir also books some of the world’s most prominent DJs and provides intimate VIP rooms for its guests.

Luxury Attractions in Dubai:

Ski Dubai: Dubai is known for its unconventional attractions, and no attraction is more interesting than Ski Dubai.  Located in the Dubai Emirates Mall, Ski Dubai is the third largest indoor ski facility in the world.  Ski Dubai has five runs that vary by difficulty, and the Freestyle Zone gives skiers the opportunity to practice their tricks off of the many jumps and ramps located in the facility. Ski Dubai also provides equipment and lessons for its visitors, and a number of lodges and small restaurants that will make you forget all about the desert just outside the door.

The Observation Deck at Burj Khalifa:  The tallest building in the world, and one of the greatest architectural projects ever undertaken, the Burj Khalifa is the centerpiece of the city skyline. Though the skyscraper itself can be seen well beyond the city limits, it’s the view from the observation deck that makes this building a favorite among tourists. The observation deck is the third highest in the world and its guests have the opportunity to view the Arabic Sea and the vast desert region that surrounds the United Arab Emirates.

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