Charter a Private Jet to Tucson, Arizona

The three main airports serving Tucson, Arizona, host an eclectic mix of aircraft and missions. Traffic at all three-Tucson International, Ryan and Marana-is on the upswing. But unlike at Phoenix 120 miles northwest, flight congestion around Tucson remains minimal, and you can get in and out of there fairly easily.


Tucson International Airport (KTIA)
Tucson International (TIA) is the largest of the three airports and has the longest runway (10,996 feet). It’s a busy place where you can find student helicopter pilots, F-16 fighters of the Arizona Air National Guard, jumbo jet freighters and airliners. The tower does a good job of keeping things separated, but your pilot definitely needs to be on his game.

TIA is where Learjets were once built and Bombardier still maintains a mammoth 847,000-square-foot maintenance and refurbishment center that employs 650 and works on everything from Learjets, Challengers and Globals to regional jets and water bombers. The place can hold 60 airplanes under roof and provide everything from a paint job or new interior to high-speed Internet and enhanced vision systems. Bombardier also maintains an FBO there, but its operation serves mainly as a courtesy to its customers.

Ryan Airport (KBTR)
The focus at nearby Ryan Airport is piston operations. The longest of the two parallel runways is only 5,000 feet long (fine in winter, not great during 100-degree summer days), but there is a full instrument approach. Plans are in the works to expand the runways but, meanwhile, most corporate operators are using TIA or Marana.

Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ)
Marana Regional Airport is northwest of TIA in a rapidly growing, affluent area and only 10 miles from the Galleria Golf Club, upscale ranch resorts and gated communities and a soon-to-open Ritz-Carlton resort. Marana is growing fast: In 1977, it encompassed 20 square miles; now it fills 110.

Tucson offers the executive business jet traveler a myriad of choices. The market has shown constant growth and the service and facilities, overall, are improving.

To determine which airport best suits your needs, please contact RYL’s private jet charter department at 877.391.6161.

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