Charter A Private Jet to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake’s diverse, albeit compact, topography has spawned a bountiful network of corporate-class airports that mostly are located along a 90-mile stretch of Interstate Highway 15, the basin’s main north-south ground artery. As Salt Lake grows, so does ground traffic on I-15, and this has gone a long way toward making suburban airports more popular with business travelers.

Here’s a look at your airport options for arriving in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC)
Fourteen commercial airlines fly from Salt Lake City International. Overall, the airport processed 21.5 million passengers in 2006 and is the nation’s 22nd busiest, with 421,416 takeoffs and landings in 2006. The airlines accounted for about 75 percent of that amount. The airport is within 60 miles of 11 world-class ski resorts and adjacent to the Wingpointe Golf Course. It is also just a seven-minute drive into the heart of downtown Salt Lake City and there are ample hotels right next to the airport.

Salt Lake City Municipal 2 Airport (KU42)
Despite its unappealing name, Municipal 2 Airport is a gem of a facility, only 17 miles southwest of downtown. The ramp areas were recently strengthened and resurfaced, allowing substantially heavier aircraft to use the airport. The move has increased the amount of corporate-class traffic there. It offers a nonprecision GPS approach, but pilots can’t always get it from ATC because of airspace and traffic conflicts with the other area airports. Plans are in the works for a precision GPS approach.

Provo Municipal Airport (KPVU)
The Million Air FBO at Provo Airport is only eight years old and is owned by the same company that operates its counterpart at Salt Lake International. The first floor houses a spacious lobby and pilot shop and a new hangar next door will be able to house everything up to a Gulfstream IV. Although there is extensive flight training on the field, this location is attracting more corporate traffic whose passengers are bound for the South Basin or the Eastern ski resorts such as Sundance. The airport has both a control tower and a precision approach.

Heber City Municipal Airport (K36U)
East of the I-15 corridor and only 10 minutes from Sundance and Park City, the FBO at Heber City Airport, OK3, features higher prices that reflect this proximity. The facility is nice and new. OK3 is a Pilatus and Cessna service center and its technicians have worked on aircraft as large as commuter jets. The airport is only one block from some good restaurants, and flight crews receive complimentary gym passes to a nearby health club.

To determine which airport best suits your needs, please contact RYL’s private jet charter department at 877.391.6161.

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