Charter a Private Jet to Miami

Miami is often called the unofficial capital of Latin America. During the last 25 years, it has taken on a much greater international flavor and cemented its place as a hub of finance, trade and transportation. The metropolitan area’s airports have played a big role in this growth. Miami ranked only 45th among U.S. cities in population as of 2005; but that same year, Miami International ranked first in international freight, third in international passengers and fourth in total cargo among U.S. airports. In addition to Miami International, travelers can take advantage of Kendall-Tamiami, Opa-Locka and Homestead General Aviation as alternative private jet airports.

Here’s a closer look at each facility, and what they have to offer:

Miami International Airport (KMIA)
With 75 percent of its gates dedicated to international flights, Miami International is a handy place to deposit or retrieve global passengers, and getting into and out of it has been a lot easier since a fourth runway opened in 2003. With the shortest runway at 8,600 feet and the longest at 13,000, the airport can accommodate any airplane with any load in just about any weather. Downtown is about a 20-minute car ride over the refurbished and widened surrounding streets. However, due to expensive real estate, landing fees are steep and the rent forces tenants to charge high prices for goods and services.

Kendall-Tamiami Airport (KTMB)
Located on the southwest side of town, Kendall-Tamiami Airport is 13 miles from downtown and 24 miles from Dolphin Stadium. The area around the airport is booming and the growth of businesses in southwest Miami-Dade County has directly impacted the airport. A 2000 study by the Florida Department of Transportation estimated that the facility generated $57 million in annual economic impact and $16 million in salaries.

Part of that is thanks to the nearby Homestead Motor Speedway. Tamiami attracts more than 100 visiting corporate aircraft during major national races each November.

Opa-Locka Airport (KOPF)
Opa-Locka Airport is 10 miles from downtown, 16 miles from Miami Beach and seven miles from Miami International Airport. This was the hub of most corporate aircraft activity during the Super Bowl, and FBOs there served 500 to 700 additional aircraft that visited for the game.

The airport is normally home base to 313 aircraft, of which 52 are jets and 109 are multi-engine. It is also home to air wings for the U.S. Coast Guard and the U.S. Customs Service. Jets tend to gravitate to Opa-Locka because the main runway is a healthy 8,002 feet long. Construction is slated to begin on a 225-foot-tall control tower later this year. When completed, it will be the tallest general aviation tower in the southeastern U.S. Extensive aircraft maintenance, modification and refurbishment businesses are also located on the field.

To determine which airport best suits your needs, please contact RYL’s private jet charter department at 877.391.6161.

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