The Mesa at Amangiri

The Mesa at Amangiri is comprised of 36 private homes spread over a generous swathe of starkly beautiful desert. The Mesa Homes are hidden from Amangiri resort by a dramatic rock escarpment and are surrounded by 600 acres of undeveloped western land. The Mesa home offers the utmost privacy and exclusivity and is a rare opportunity to live in the complete openness of the West while remaining out of the sightline of resort guests.

Amangiri has become one of Aman’s top resort destinations, and Mesa home owners will enjoy full access to the resort facilities including the 25,000 SF Aman Spa, bar, restaurants and services that cover staffing, cleaning, entertaining, maintenance and security. Most importantly, owners of The Mesa at Amangiri will be embraced by the Amanresorts’ lifestyle that has transformed and remolded expectations of the luxury traveler.

Because of the spectacular topography of the Amangiri landscape, each home is individually designed to meet the demands of the slopes on which it is perched. Lot sizes range from 2 to 12 acres, and the actual footprint of each home averages more than 14,000SF, with interior space averaging 9,000SF.

The Mesa at Amangiri is one of the most beautifully uninhabited places in the world made accessible for the first time to a limited few.

The Mesa at Amangiri
1 Kayenta Road
Canyon Point, Utah 84741

Amangiri is located in the southwest region of the USA also known as the Four Corners, where the states of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona meet. Boasting one of the most dramatic landscapes in the USA with deep canyons and towering plateaus, the region has been home for centuries to the native Navajo and Hopi tribes yet is sparsely populated and presents the raw landscape for which the American Southwest has become famous.

Mesa Home Amenities

Natural Drive

Harness the reigns of the majestic surroundings with a brand new BMW X5, yours with your new Mesa home to explore the resort’s grounds and beyond. BMW is the Preferred Vehicle of Amangiri - see why.

Take Flight

Mesa Home purchasers will automatically be enrolled in RYL Jet's exclusive Black Card Program, which grants access to a global network of aircraft available for charter at a moment’s notice. Each Black Card is valued at $100,000.00.

House Manager

Aman Resorts and Amangiri are synonymous with impeccable service. Mesa homeowners can expect the same in their own Mesa homes with the option of hiring a House Manager. The House Manager manages all the details, personalized for each Mesa Home, and serves as a private concierge while homeowners are in residence.

Chef Privileges

Among the many benefits of association with Amangiri is access to its excellent cuisine. Homeowners will have the option of reserving the services of Amangiri chefs to prepare delicious meals in the comfort of their Mesa home. Whether it’s a casual meal or a lavish dinner party, Amangiri chefs are available to delight the palette of every Mesa homeowner.